"You can not kill a ghost!" - Shiroi Heizu

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Shiroi Heizu (白井平将), is a Mage hailing from Kyushu (九州, Kyūshū). He specializes in Wind Magic and has even forged a magic of his own. Shiroi is a legendary mage and is sometimes reffered to as the White Haze (ホワイトヘイズ, Howaitoheizu) or the Shadow Stepper (シャドウステッパー, Shadousuteppā). He is most well known for his mastery of Wind Magic and is considered powerful for his complete ease of wielding Fūjin Magic. His magic essence is pure and calm.


Shiroi Heizu is tall yet elegant teenager of eighteen years. He is graceful and his movements are silent. He wears a black jacket with jet black pants. He stands 5,7 ft tall throughout the series. He has a selection of muscles although he prefers to use his head and magic rather than brute force. His midnight black hair is cut in thick short strands. His eyes are black and observant, watching every movement of his enemys.

Occasionally Shiroi enters a ghost form where he cannot be touched or feel attacks. This distorts his appearance and adds a bluish white aura around him. He also forms a cloak with the katakana inscription 幽霊のマスク , Yūrei no Kamen which translates to Mask of the Ghost. The cloak is a ragged white color with the Katakana inscription a death black color. 

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Shiroi is a calm and observant mage. He uses his head in battle situations and never loses his calm attitude. He is extremely intelligent with an IQ of 111. This was extremly high during the time and to most of the other people in the city if