Order of Punishments

  1. Warning
  2. Second Warning
  3. Page Delete
  4. One Week Ban
  5. Two Week Ban
  6. One Month Ban
  7. 6 Month Ban
  8. Permanent Ban

Writing Guidelines

  • You may create anything you want as long as there is no serious swearing
  • You are not allowed to copy someone elses work without their permission
  • If there is a property tag on a page you may not edit it unless it says it belongs to you
  • It is recommended that you use Japanese translations for important words to make it cooler. Google Translate usually incorrectly translates Japanese but you can still use it, your page will not be deleted for this

Timeline Rules

You need to specify which timeline your story, character etc exists or takes place in. You can do this either by mentioning it on the page or adding a category that specifies the year for eg. 670 - 800. The farthest timeline you can set is 1600's while the earliest just requires the description Primal which means any year from the existence of Dinosaurs to canon Magic Circle.


Permissions are given once you have completed certain goals.

Roll Back: 2 000 Edits

Administrator: 5 000 Edits

Chat Moderator: 10 000 Edits

Discussion Moderator: 12 000 Edits

Content Moderator: 15 000 Edits

Bureaucrat: 20 000 Edits