The distraction was set, all 8-year-old Kiyoshi had to do was wait. At that moment, a bang went off near the marketplace, gathering everyone's attention. The moment the fisherman turned his back, she snatched 4 blue mackerel and 2 loaves of bread. She started running before she was hit in the head with a heavy, blunt object. Kiyoshi jumped up, relieved it was just a dream. "Why do these keep repeating?". A group of bandits can be heard near the building. "She's in here, go in and kill her!" said one of the bandits, presumably the leader. "Time to make a scene." As Kiyoshi sets up smoke bombs, she hears wood paneling below her get torn down, then heavy footsteps on the stairs. Kiyoshi runs over to the window sill and sits and looks towards the stairs. She sees a group of 4 bandits look in her direction. Kiyoshi waves goodbye, detonates the bomb and leaps, landing in a pile of hay. Dashing through the crowd in the center of town, she hears the bandits chasing her. "Don't wanna give up, huh?". Kiyoshi turns into an alley and climbs up on a ledge out of sight, but not too far up. She pulls out her dagger and prepares for one of them to enter the alley. As expected, 3 bandits came into the alley. She smiles evilly and drops down, stabbing two of them straight through their throats. The third bandits turns around and notices the body. As he got prepared to scream "She's over here!", Kiyoshi slit his throat, leaving him to bleed out.