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London is a semi populated city that is in the country of Brittania. It was created around several hundred years after the creation of Egypt. The King of Brittainia, Charles the Lionheart, signed an alliance treaty with the Dwarven king of the underground, Tufrotum Bitterpike. The alliance treaty states that if the dwarves get attacked or attack someone the people of London must aid them and vice versa. It is also an trade agreement, many time Dwarven and Brittanian go to each other and swap goods. This is the reason why London is considered one of the most technologically advanced cities of the old land. There are many kinds of magic used by the people of London, some of these are technological magic, steam magic and steampunk magic. The King is quite wise and commands his army well.

The city is quite large and is situated near the Blood River. Many of the cities buildings are situated over the river and in spring tide and floods get flooded so they need to be evacuated.



The lower city on a starry night...

Since the city spans a great distance there are several large and important buildings and landmarks. When the city was built it was constructed in three stages and split into several sections. The lower city is a the area that surrounds the main city. It is near the blood river and is a poor dilapidated area. Many of the houses fall into the river when it rises. The lower city is mainly populated by fisherman. There are around five thousand people who live there. The sewers underneath the city are said to have many secret tunnels that are patrolled by assasins and other shady characters.
Clock-Tower-3D-Photo-Screensaver 1-1-

The clock tower in the center of London.

The high city is the more technologically advanced side of the city. There are large steam powered wheels that generate power and water. There are also huge stations where steampunk airships dock regularly before they set off on there travels to other nations. Some of the noticeable landmarks and buildings in the high city center are the large clock tower, the blood-thorn airship station and the castle of kings. The Clock Tower is said to be at the exact center of all London. It was built at the very beginning of Brittania's existence and has never stopped working. The Blood-Thorn Airship Station is a very popular and busy place of London. Seven Airships can stop there at any given time. The Airships vary in size from very large ones owned by kings and people of royalty, explorer ships and private ships that people use to trade with other nations. They are often very awesome looking and can carry huge amounts of cargo and people at times. Some have large single balloons that are expanded to unimaginable sizes while others have collections of balloons strapped all over there vast expanse.

An Airship from very distant lands...