Kiyoshi Yamato (きよし やまもと) is a female assassin, age 24, that speaks fluent Japanese and English. Skilled at close range and blending with the shadows, she is placed under the top 3 dangerous assassins. Her main weapons are two daggers called Frost and Bite (霜と咬傷). She learned to use her surroundings when she was 7, having to steal bread and fish from the marketplace. After each kill, she leaves a calling card signifying that she was there. Her calling card is a pure black rose.

Her abilities consist of Shadow Strike (影のストライク), which allows her to temporarily go invisible using her suit, having meta-materials changing their properties, and dealing twice as much damage to her foes. Her next ability, called Point Strike (ポイントストライク), allows her blades to refine to an ultra-fine point, increasing damage for 30 seconds. Her final ability, called Lock Blade (ロックブレード), allows her to trap an enemy and stab them, disrupting the enemies attack or spell. As the chain is hard to get back, it takes 30 seconds before being able to do it again.

Her motives are currently unknown to anyone, as no one has gotten close enough to her and lived to tell the tale. One thing is for sure though, and that's the fact that the only people to fall by her hand were well-known criminals, corrupt politicians, and evil-doers. Her last known location was at Nijō Castle (二条城) in Kyoto, assassinating her target. After this, no trace of her has turned up, but people are claiming to "have seen the shadows move before their eyes."

Without her assassin outfit, she blends in perfectly with the middle class. Since she doesn't carry her daggers with her, most people perceive her as vulnerable. What catches everyone off guard is her speech skills. She can persuade and intimidate. She can bribe and barter, as well. Most of the time it works, but fails sometimes. She is very persuasive at day, lethal at night.

(Author's note: Hello there! Since you're reading this, I can let you in on something. Kiyoshi is a big literature person. Even though she is from Japan, she loves reading The Art of War from Sun Tzu. Her favorite quote that she bases her assassinations off of is Sun Tzu's "Swift as the wind, quiet as the forest, conquer like the fire, steady as the mountain.")

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