These daggers are responsible for over 60 assassinations. They create fear and panic for those who even catch a glimpse of these blades. These are the daggers, of Kiyoshi Yamato. These, are Frost and Bite.


These are the daggers. Pristine, clean, waiting for its next victim. The blade handle is 2 inches long, and the blade is 5 1/4 inches long. The space that cuts the blade down the middle allows her to pierce more veins with less repeated stabs. The triangular shape of the blade makes it difficult for doctors to stitch up, if the victim lives long enough to even see a doctor. There have been no replicas of these blades, as the craftsmanship takes 7 years to get the specifications to be perfect. The handle allows for easier grip and the cap on the end of the handle makes it so the hand can't let go of the dagger. But Kiyoshi's gloves attach so good to the handle that it barely leaves her hands.