Egypt is a feudal land governed by the Pharaoh. The nation is situated in the Sahara Desert near the Nile River. The Nile was their source of life allowing them to grow crops and sustain there city. Only the high pharaoh and his disciples can wield magic. They mainly use a form of desert magic such as sand magic or wind magic.


​Egypt formed an alliance with Persia and China, later forming a greater nation known as East African Asia. They traded alot and were an extremly proud nation. After the Siege of the Nations the whole of East African Asia was defeated and destroyed. 


Egypt was involved in the great siege of the Nations. It allied with Persia and China fighting against the four islands of Japan. Most of Egypt's army consisted of spearmen and cavalry. They were defeated during the siege and the entire city of Cairo was flooded by the Nile, only to surface thousands of years later.