This symbol is often related to Chaos

Chaos is a term used variously to describe a mutating and corrupting force from the Realm of Chaos which manifests in the world. The ways of Chaos are evil, watching with amusement as mortals destroy each other and the world. Chaos has the potential to exist in all realms of the world because of the evil within mortal hearts. There are dark, secretive Cults of Chaos hidden in the Empire of Man, and there are rumors of Chaos worshipers amongst the Oni. However, the true "Realm of Chaos" exists far to the north above the Cold North, a dead region of icy desert, mountain, and tundra. In the Cold North are the castles and monuments of the proud champions of Chaos, those who have proven their worth to the Chaos Gods and have earned their blessing.

The wastes echo with the ringing of battle, as friends fall on each other as eagerly as they fall on enemies, in the hope that one of the Chaos powers will take notice and raise them up as one of their favourites, bestowing supernatural gifts upon them. No one truly knows of the origins of Chaos in the world. Even the long-lived scholars of Japan can only speculate as to where the forces of Chaos first came from. War, famine, natural disaster and the destroyer known as time have eroded away nearly all indications of the roots of Chaos. What is known is that things came from the stars many millennia ago. These Old Ones arrived on the world and quickly established two gateways on the world which floated above the northern and southern poles. This gateway was linked to the rest of their transportation network, allowing them nearly instantaneous transportation between gates.

Time passed, the gates shattered and sent a cloud of magic stone(a green crystal substance formed from Dark Magic) dust high into the atmosphere, from where it drifted all over the planet, causing horrible mutations and giving birth to many of the frightening creatures in the world today. The forces of Chaos withdrew to the Cold North, as new races began to arise in the world. Later, the Japanese would set up a system of Waystones around Taiyo which would serve to drain away the Chaos energy spewing out of the Cold North. While this greatly reduced the ability of Daemons to grow powerful, marches of great Chaos armies were sighted...