Art is a very talented user of magic. He created his own style of magic reflecting off his artistic yet destructive personality. Ink Magic is a magic that can be used to bind or seal, attack and defend. He has developed many unique spells and is considered one of the most powerful mages in Shikoku. One of Arts most achnowledged achievement is the ability to summon his own creature known as the Seamstress. Art can manipulate the creature with utmost ease.


​Art stands 173cm tall. He has dark, observant and restless eyes. He has a cold emotionless face that is often blank. He wears a white jacket with matched white pants. He prides himself on his appearance and is never seen with his shirt ruffled or messed up. Strapped to his back is case that holds his pencils and brushes. These range from extremely fine brushes to thick wide spread ones. '

​His eyes are black making it hard for people to read his emotions, if he has any. His skin tone is a light white, beige color - (Art's Skin Color).

After a battle with Shiroi Heizu , Art lost his lower left arm. He replaced it with a puppet arm that he could manipulate with ease. 


​Wind vs. Ink! Showdown between Shiroi and Art!Edit

​"He must be round here, that Wind Mage from Kyushu." Art said as his eyes surveyed the enviroment around him. His eyes flickered between the various trees and bushes.