"Centuries ago, a land ravaged by famine and war was approached by a young Yanikosa. He raised the village out of its hole and created a great city." ― Villager

Akuma Kazan (悪魔火山, Akuma Kazan no Sato) is a village in the Land of Demons and is the main base for the operations of Yanikosa Shanto. This village has complex inner workings that are impossible to exaggerate. Of all of the villages in the Land of Demons, none can compare to this masterpiece that is Akuma Kazan. A giant village that is constantly surrounded by great magic runes, and Akuma Kazan rests comfortably at the top of the Land of Demons social hierarchy. For centuries, this village has been led by the great Yanikosa Shanto and under his rule, the village maintains a form of protection from potential threats. Yanikosa Shanto does not hold the typical emperor position within his village but instead holds the title of lord. It is a notorious village due to the great skill of warriors that come from it.


The inhabitants of Akuma Kazan practice not only wicked forms of magic. Akuma Kazan has been a village that few would ever purposefully choose to tread into. This fugitive practice is what makes Akuma Kazan truly unique. Its multi-tiered approach methods of self-defense is what sets Akuma Kazan beyond the horizon for other great villages. During the First Magic World War, the Land of Demons did not participate due to the size of the size of the Allied Forces.