Aiko Nakamura (WIP) Edit

Aiko Nakamura (中村・愛子) also known as (name) is a magic user specializing in (x). She is not aligned to any particular side, but acts on whatever takes her interest.

Background Edit

Aiko was born into the Sanka (山家), a band of nomads who roam the frozen mountains and forests of the far north. She never had a home, as such, other than the people around her who raised her as a community. Travelling from town to town, never spending more than one night in any one place, she quickly got used to the chaos and change that would define the rest of her life. From a young age, she knew how to survive on her own in the harshest weather, a hundred and one secret routes around the country, and had picked up a quick wit and talent for getting what she wanted from people. After all, who could refuse those dark eyes and that sweet smile?